The story behind Ninety85

“An exclusive, high-end clothing label with a strong vision and a clear goal”.

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With a dose of experience within the retail business, his huge passion for fashion, particular in the High-end streetwear, Founder A. van Kasteel has been craving for years to build his own label. A label based on his own style and personal interest. After molding his ideas into designs, a start of his own label was made.

“My mother unfortunately died in 2016. She was my role model and my greatest support, in everything. I truly believe that she was the “Angel” who gave me the strenght to finally chase after My Dream. During that time, two numbers returned on my path, as if it where a sign. They say angels give you messages in numbers”.

And so Ninety85 was born, out of two numbers with a very clear message to conquer the world.

NINETY85 is an exclusive, high-end clothing label and consists 3 Collection levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Each Collection level has it’s own rules, is different and more unique. Only 500 items are produced with each Collection level. This makes NINETY85 even more exclusive.

Only 500 items are produced
with each Collection level

“The 80’s was a very important year in the Fashion industry. Many fashion trends emerged. People wanted to spend more money on expensive clothing, sportswear became very popular and the colors Silver and Gold dominated’.

The production is based in Europe, at it’s highest level. You will immediately recognize and feel the use of the best fabrics and luxury materials. Every detail has been carefully considered.

““Always believe you have a Purpose in Life”


Tells that God will always support your Purpose in Life. Everyone has a Purpose, as long as you truly believe in it.

“Always believe you have a Purpose in Life” is therefore the motivation slogan you will see on almost every designed item of NINETY85.


Is not only a reference to the year of birth of founder A. van Kasteel. But it also tells to remain grateful, receive with joy in your heart but most important; Always be able to give.

Therefore Ninety85 donates a percentage of the made profit to a Charity.